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Knowing the parts of any appliance will be helpful when you need to maintain it. An overview of the Swamp Cooler Parts is written below. Swamp coolers have a few parts that need to be replaced, as the pads, but other parts are rarely replaced.

Parts Of Swamp Cooler

Parts Of Swamp Cooler:

The evaporative cooler is also referred to as a swamp cooler, and it uses simple, easy-to-use methods. The parts are very few. As water evaporates, it effectively absorbs heat from the surrounding air.

The different cooler components allow you to evaporate water efficiently and circulate cooled air throughout your house.

Troubleshooting Your Evaporative Cooler:

The swamp cooler is a very simple cooling instrument compared to an air conditioner, and there are only a few issues that can occur, and very little maintenance is required. Although you can find some problems when using swamp coolers, here we’ll discuss some problems that may arise.

Breakdowns Of Evaporative Coolers?

Here we will discuss all of the reasons that can cause evaporative coolers to break down. The most crucial factor is the weather, especially humidity. Another problem might be a lack of water for the cooler. You should maintain the level of water for the high efficiency of the cooler.

If your cooler is not working well, you should check if the pads are in good condition and if water flow is suitable. If the pads are not working well, you should replace the pads of your swamp cooler.

It is also common for swamp coolers to break down due to faulty wiring; if the wiring is not in good condition, the cooler can fail. Another problem could be caused by the problem in the water-regulatory fan or motor.

Does Airflow Affect The Efficiency Of Swamp Cooling Units?

If your cooler does not have enough airflow, it will not function properly. In the summer, you should open your windows to let hot air escape from your home. Your swamp cooler will work best if you close doors in rooms that aren’t used and open windows in hot rooms.

How Do I Fix A Unit That Doesn’t Blow Cold Air?

First, you should check your thermostat to see if your swamp cooler isn’t blowing cold air. If the thermostat is not set on cooling mode you should set them according to your own requirements.

If your cooler is not performing well, you should check the circuit breaker. If the problem exists, you should replace the circuit. Be sure to check the voltage as well, either full or low.

How to make your swamp cooler even colder

Knowing the parts of any appliance like the swamp cooler parts will be helpful when you need to maintain it. A swamp cooler is made up of A motor, Shaft bearings, A motor pulley, blower pulley, V-belt, water pump, drain and an overflow valve.

Another important thing is to check the pads of your cooler. There may be saturation in the pads, and they might not function properly. You should replace your cooler’s pads if the water flow is not good inside the pads.

To fix the problem of not blowing cold air into your room, you should check the following aspects and improve the efficiency of your cooler.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Odd Smell Coming From My Cooler?

Your evaporative pads may be contaminated with mildew if you feel a musty smell coming from your cooler. Regularly inspect the pads and replace them when necessary. You might also need to drain and clean your sump if it has become stagnant. 

If you want to ensure that your water stays clean for longer, you might want to add a teaspoon of vinegar to it. It is also recommended that you try bleed-off kits to automatically remove some of the water from the system and replace it with fresher water.

Swamp Cooler Parts In Detail:

There are a few parts of the swamp cooler, and here we will discuss them in detail.

Cooler Motors:

Electric motors in evaporative coolers are usually small models with horsepower ratings between 1/3 and 1. These systems use relatively little electricity compared to 240-volt systems since they operate at 115/120 volts. The motors of evaporative coolers don’t break down gradually when they malfunction. In case you need to replace the motor of an evaporative cooler, verify the size and speed.

Swamp Cooler Motors

Connecting the wires for a cooler’s motor isn’t tricky, but you will need some electrical experience to replace the motor. If you do not have the skills, you shouldn’t attempt this.

Cooler Pumps & Filters:

The pump in an evaporative cooler distributes water from the pan to the distribution tubing during the evaporative cooling process. The water then runs over the pads. When the pads are not saturated with water, the appliance won’t cool the air, so if the pads are not saturated with water, you may have to replace the pump. If the pump functions appropriately but the cooler pads are not sufficiently moist, you may need to upgrade the pump to one that moves more water.

Swamp Cooler Pumps & Filters

Cooler Belts:

Cooler belts are drive belts that last for a long time. Because of its design, there is little slippage in the pulleys, and it is accessible on the bearings, making it an ideal choice for evaporative coolers. The V-belt has flexibility and elastic properties but can become loose with time, resulting in premature wear. V-belts must be aligned straight to function correctly.

Swamp Cooler Belts

Verify that the V-belt is appropriately aligned so the belt can move in a straight line. In addition, make sure the V-belt tension complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To choose the correct V-belt for the job, though, you have to know its diameter and length. It is generally a good idea to replace the belt before it breaks if you notice that it is beginning to crack.

Cooler Distributors:

The distribution tubing distributes water from the pump to the cooler pads, commonly called the distributors. Sometimes the tubing gets clogged, and if there is not enough water coming out of it, it may need cleaning or even replacing. It is essential to keep the distribution tubing checked regularly, particularly if the air seems too warm.

Cooler Pulleys:

Evaporative coolers also have a blower pulley and a column pulley, both of which are at the bottom. As with the motor pulley, the blower pulley in the swamp cooler should be sized correctly to ensure proper operation. If you are replacing a blower pulley, ensure that the pulley is a good match for the unit to move enough air to function correctly.

Swamp Cooler Pulleys

Cooler Pads:

Swamp cooler pads are the essential part of the cooler, and they play a crucial role in cooling it. When a water pump delivers water to the pads, the water evaporates, and cooling occurs.

There are several pads for evaporative coolers, including slit expanded paper, wood strips, and polyester foam. Wood strips are the most common and cheapest type of cooler pad available. Pads like these are effective, but if they lose their strips, the pumps can become clogged. Therefore, adding an extra screen around the pumps is recommended.

Swamp Cooler Pads

You can also buy new evaporative pads sized according to the cooler panels, so take measurements before buying. It is recommended that you change cooler pads every year, either when you winterize or de-winterize the cooler.

If the quality of the swamp cooler pads is good, then the cooler’s efficiency will be good. Therefore, it is crucial to check the pads’ quality while using the swamp cooler.

Cooler Floats & Valves:

In cooler pans, there is a float valve that controls the level of water. Like the float cup or ball of a toilet tank, it also functions similarly.

Water float valves in a pan rise and fall with the water level, each adjusting its lever when the water reaches a certain level. To keep the pads functioning correctly, the water level must be high enough so that the pump can draw water to the pads, but not to the point where the overflow tube is full. Usually, the water height can be adjusted manually by bending the float rod until the water shuts off at the appropriate level.

Swamp Cooler Floats & Valves

It’s common for a float valve not to turn off water correctly, but the part is easily replaced. Replace a float valve that costs just a few dollars in just a few minutes.

Breeze Air Swamp Cooler Parts:

Breeze air swamp coolers use the same parts as swamp coolers, which are readily available in the market. There are almost no differences between swamp coolers and Breeze air swamp coolers. Coolers differ slightly in design. In a few swamp coolers, like the Mastercool swamp cooler, high-quality pads are used as insulation.

Breeze air swamp cooler parts

There is a difference in power in coolers without pads between the motor, fan, and valves.

As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned about the parts of the breeze air swamp cooler. They are similar to swamp coolers in that they can easily be found in the market.

Champion Swamp Cooler Replacement Parts:

This type of swamp cooler is also very efficient, and its parts are the same as the ordinary swamp cooler, so they can easily be found on the market. We discussed earlier that the only difference between the parts of the cooler is the pads.

Champion swamp cooler replacement parts

Usually, coolers with pads of high quality will produce excellent cooling. Be sure to have the correct measurement and the proper specification when replacing any swamp cooler part.


In this article, we have covered all the essential parts of swamp coolers. You can easily understand that swamp coolers have very simple features, which can also be easily replaced. To replace the parts of your swamp cooler, you need the right size and length of the parts.

A person who has a basic understanding of swamp coolers can easily replace its parts, and the swamp cooler parts are readily available in the market.